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Eat & Drink / Barullo Taberna Española

Transport yourself
to the narrow streets of Spain
in Barullo Taberna Española

hopping from one experience to the next. Located at DISTRITO T-Mobile in San Juan, Barullo Taberna Española celebrates the Spanish heritage in Puerto Rico with a unique culinary experience.

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Experience the vibrant flavors of Spain at Barulllo Taberna Española, a one-of-a-kind culinary destination. In its various areas, such as La Barra, you can enjoy classic Spritzers, and our finest house cocktails like San Sebastián, or a refreshing glass of Albariño while your tapas are freshly prepared at the live-cooking station. For paella lovers, the Arrocería offers a chance to indulge in mouth-watering dishes like Paella del Campo or Del Mar or our exquisite Fideuá, a Valencian dish similar to paella but with noodles. The Jamonería is a haven for Spanish ham and cheese enthusiasts, with each slice cut to perfection to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

Enjoy a delightful breakfast experience Monday to Friday featuring all your favorites, with mouthwatering pastries, café con leche, iced coffee, Cubano and Pastrami sandwiches, and other beloved local dishes. Our convenient grab-and-go options at El Cafecito are perfect for a quick bite to fuel your day while providing an excellent spot for meetings with colleagues, friends, or business partners. Relax in comfortable seating with free Wi-Fi, whether you need to catch up on work or enjoy a leisurely chat. Don't miss our weekend brunch featuring our signature Torrijas (Spanish-style French Toast), classic Steak and Eggs, and fan favorites like sangria and mimosas.

Looking for a lively and bustling restaurant to enjoy quality time with loved ones and indulge in the time-honored tradition of sharing food and wine? Look no further than Barullo Taberna Española. This establishment is a true tribute to Spain's rich culture, offering an impressive array of fine wines, including a self-serve wall called Vino al Grifo, featuring over 20 delectable options from around the globe. Wine enthusiasts will love the chance to sample and pour their own glass.

¡Olé! A Spanish inspired culinary experience lives in Barullo Taberna Española. Gift that adventurous foodie the delight of enjoying a delicious paella with a glass of wine at the Grifo, fresh cuts of Spanish ham and cheese or a couple of Tapas in an amazing place.

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